Disney facts

By Beatrice Birhoata


Today I will tell you some facts about Disney Princesses

Did you know Rapunzel is Elsa's and Anna's cousin?Elsa and Anna have a long lost brother!

Let me tell you about Villains:did you know that Hades and Maleficent are husband and wife?

Back to Princesses, Pocahontas didn't marry John Smith, in fact in Pocahontas 2 she marries someone else!

Did you know that Alice from Wonderland had a son called Alister?

Did you know that Snow White is only 14 years old when the other princesses are 16 and older?!

Did you know that Aurora(Sleeping Beauty)had 2 daughters one called Audrey and another one called Bria Beauty?!

Did you know that Little Red Riding Hood married the Big Bad Wolf and had 3 daughters?!

Back to Villains:did you know that The Evil Queen had 2 daughters:Evie and Raven Queen?